Is the Vapor in Electronic Cigarette Safe for Second Hand Smokers

Is the vapor in electronic cigarette safe for second hand smokers such as children? This is a question that many people are asking following the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are powered using a battery that allows smokers to inhale nicotine solution in the form of a vaporized liquid. This is different from smoke that is inhaled by smokers of traditional cigarettes. These cigarettes are designed in a way that enable smokers to get their puffs of nicotine without inhaling toxins found in tobacco or exposing people around them to these toxins. Despite this fact, many people have always raised their concern about the increased use of these devices. has many other electronic cigarette brands on review, you can check their site to learn more about the most popular brands on the market.

Second hand smoke from tobacco smokers has always been attributed to cancer development and other illnesses among non-smokers. This has made smoke conscious parents to always keep themselves and their children far from tobacco smoke. However, because electronic cigarettes can be smoked in most public areas, avoiding getting close to smokers who use them is almost impossible. This has raised concern among parents who do not want their children to inhale any form of tobacco smoke.

So, is the vapor in electronic cigarette safe for second hand smokers such as children? To answer this question one must have a clear understanding of electronic cigarette and the vapor that they produce. Apart from the external appearance of these cigarettes, they have many features that differentiate them from traditional cigarettes. Since they use a battery, they produce a vapor or mist that comprises of little amount of nicotine. The mist also has flavoring, propylene glycol and water. The liquid of this cigarette is turned into a vapor or mist by the atomizer making it possible to inhale it through the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. The mouthpiece is a simulation of the traditional cigarette.

Several studies have been conducted to determine whether there are dangers posed by electronic cigarette to the smoker or people around them. Most of these studies have revealed that there are no significant dangers posed by electronic cigarette to the smokers as well as second hand smokers including children. Although smoke from tobacco contains high amounts of carcinogens and other chemicals, electronic cigarette smoke is a soft vapor that has negligible particles of nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol.

As such, there is no need for parents and other people to worry about second hand smoking from users of electronic cigarettes. Instead, parents and family members should encourage tobacco smokers around them to use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco cigarettes. When tobacco smokers living around children start using electronic cigarettes, their possibility of getting harmed from second-hand smoking is eliminated.

Basically, although the best electronic cigarette brands cannot be considered entirely harmless because they have nicotine amount that is both a stimulant and addictive, studies have revealed that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Therefore, instead of debating the question, “is the vapor in electronic cigarette safe for second hand smokers such as children?” it is better to advice smokers around us to stop using traditional cigarette and start smoking e-cigarettes.

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